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August 26, 2011
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Tomb Raider School Boys by Potkanka Tomb Raider School Boys by Potkanka
I would have finished this sooner if the weather weren't so damn hot! :faint:

Anyway, another drawing with TR characters dressed in Japanese school uniforms :D I realized I don't like drawing characters that don't look good *coughmullercough* so I turned them all to, pardon my vocabulary, bishies. (Yes, even those I don't like.) Okay, most of them don't look that bad in the game itself, but still, I changed them more than I had to :)

From left to right:

Kurtis Trent - That "cool guy", a deadpan snarker and a love interest of the main heroine of this school AU. Okay, it's pretty clear who's the main heroine, right? ;)
Zip - The geek, sidekick of the main heroine, sometimes (sometimes?) annoying. Actually, exactly as it the game :|
Alister Fletcher - Quite clever and rational, Zip's friend. Also the heroine's sidekick, although no one ever asked for him. :-X Permanently scared, annoying... maybe he joined her to make her fend off the bullies (something tells me she'll bully him herself :evillaugh:). Hehe, he look like a girl here. A very cute girl. Damn, he must be the cutest non-chibi character I've ever drawn! :lmao:
Larson - The clown of the school. He doesn't mind, because he doesn't know. He actually considers himself pretty cool. Very often seen with Pierre, which fuels various rumors among students. He doesn't mind. Because he doesn't know :rofl:
Pierre Dupont - The more inteligent one of the Larson-Pierre duo, but still much dumber that he considers himself. He knows about the rumors, but I haven't decided yet if he minds - and how much of it is true... (I'm sorry, as I make it all so anime-sque, I might as well, throw in some shonen-ai, right? :meow:)

Just to be clear, Larson here is the TR1/5 version, not that Anniversary one, I don't like him. :disbelief: The same goes for Pierre.

Feel free to expand these descriptions. I'm not planning to turn it into an actual story, but thinking up these things is fun :XD:

All characters and Tomb Raider (c) Square Enix
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A little bit feminist your description of characters... isn't it? :)

anyway nice
Now that you mention it :giggle:

But if you know these characters, you know I couldn't do much better - Larson and Pierre are canonically dumb (it's kind of endearing sometimes :aww:). And Zip and Alister... the thing is, I don't like them and they were so annoying in-game as well. It doesn't have anything to do with their gender (although I might subconsciously be making TR females much cooler, now that i think about it :confused:)
I hope you're not that knid of feminist... ;)

Anyway, your description is not aggressive, or man-hating, but seems that everyone who's not Lara is considered as a dork. I can accept it for Larson and Pierre (even if for this one I wouldn't be so bad, it has certainly got his particular style...), but absolutely misleading for Zip and Alister. The first one is the factotum of Lara, helped her in the Black Tower, he hacked the system... not so dumb, I should say, and he's got a typical black-people humorism, which is never bad... and Alister, the man who knows everything, who helps Lara finding in his researches in Legend.... I mean, there's a strange use of the word "dumb" in your description, as all the males here are jerks! What about the loving, nurturing Winston? :)
And Kurtis Trent... yeah he's cool, most of all outwardly... and I never believed Lara would really fall in love instead of pursuing her adventures as always! :D
Undoubtely Lara is the main character, so charismatic and fascinating... I love her! But I perceived a kind of little man-hating sense in this description... but maybe I'm wrong!
And I agree with you that Natla is much cooler than anyone, but I don't really think the same for Amanda... she fails everytime! LOL
Anyway, nice profiles!
I can be considered a feminist in the true meaning of the word: equality for men and women :)

But anyway, I know that I could have portrayed Zip and Alister in a much more flattering way, I know they helped Lara a lot. As I said, I just don't like them at all, regardless of the gender. Also, this by no means was supposed to be a truthful description of them ;)
I used the word dumb (well, "dumber") only once, and with Pierre. I by no means consider all males there jerks, there are of course guys in TR I like: Kurtis, Winston, Dunstan, that one legged guy in Pacific, Bob, Karel... well, he's a villain, but I like villains too, such as Tony :D
About Lara falling in love with Kurtis: remember, this drawing is supposed to be a high school AU, cut her some slack ;P (Although I like to imagine them as a couple in the actual story too, but with no romance and stuff, more like a pair of snarky adventurers.)

Believe me, I have nothing against men, really :aww:
Ahahahaa ok! That was just me so... :D

Sorry for my excessive point of view! :)
It's okay, it was an interesting point of view I didn't realize, so I thank you for that. I should probably pay more attention to how something I write sounds, or explain it more... :)
Well... maybe not all the people are "gender-maniac" like me (I mean, that I always pay-attention of what both male and female write down on the respective opposite gender...), but thanks to have made me put in you another criteria of evaluation for you writing! :D
Well I already know that I have problem writing male characters so my stories have more females anyway, but I should focus more on making the males (however few of them there are so far - I should add some) more... real, think more about their chracters and if I accidentally don't portray them like the "less important" (Because... I just realized they don't really have much important roles in one of my stories :noes:). As I said, I have nothing against men, I just don't realize it if I portray them one dimensional or dramatically less important...
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wow kurtis so beautiful! *-*
Thanks a lot, I tried! :meow:
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